Transformation Crosses for Special Occasions

 Transformation Crosses for those
Transformational Moments in life!

The faith community has so many celebratory times during the course of the year - baptisms, confirmations, events to recognize volunteers, teachers, chancel guild members, Cursillo members, graduating students -- not to mention the high festivals of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

There are also those occasions in our life journeys that call for a symbol of faith to encourage and support us through the challenges; through the times of bereavement, illness, the transitions that catch us by surprise.

And, there are those times to celebrate the people in our lives - our mothers and grandmothers, our fathers and grandfathers, special friends who have been guardian angels in so many ways.

We are pleased to offer the Transformation Cross with a prayer card for these and other specific occasions.

You can purchase one at the regular price of $10 or save when you buy in larger quantities.  You can mix and match as you wish. And, at the bulk price of $5 per cross they make a great fundraising item! We can include a silk cord for a nominal charge of $10 per 25 pieces.

Need a quantity not listed below?
You can order as many crosses over 25 pcs as you like to qualify for the discount. If you need a specific number of crosses, just call Deborah to place a custom order.  905-468-9502

All Crosses come on an attractive card with an inspirational prayer specific to the theme, in a clear sealed package.

 Choose from these or create your own:
- Altar/Chancel Guild - for loving service       
- Baptism - Candidate 
  Baptism - Sponsor/Godparent
- Bereavement - Loss of a Loved One
- Birthday - Blessings for the day
- Breast Cancer - encouragement and support - Pink tones only

- Church School child 
- Church School teacher (thank you)

- Confirmation - Candidate 
  Confirmation - sponsor/Godparent 
- Cursillo - De Colores Cross 

- Father

- Faith -encouragement
- First Responders - Police, Troops, Firefighters, Paramedics, 
  Military,  Emergency workers, Medical Staff etc.
  A Prayer of protection

- Graduate

- Grandmother
- Grandfather

- Healing

- Mother

- Ordination  

- Ministry -  thank you for lay leaders, servers, readers etc

- Thank you
- Teacher, Thank You
- Teacher of the Faith (Catechist, Church School)
Teacher - Welcome to the new term. With affirming blessing prayer.

- Youth Group member

and, of course, the original Transformation Cross - from prayer to praise

The Transformation Cross is available individually for $10 each. Because we believe they can be a blessing to so many people, we are offering the crosses at a special bulk rate to groups, parishes, schools and organizations.

We are offering these beautiful crosses at a bulk rate of only $5 per piece with a minimum order of 25 crosses

Whether you use them as a graduation present, teacher or volunteer appreciation gift,
or as a fundraiser item (see school or parish pages), you get the benefit of a fabulous price for a quality product!

Lot of 25 Transformation Crosses -  $125
Lot of 50 Transformation Crosses -  $250
Lot of 100 Transformation Crosses -$500

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Choose from five colour pallettes:
blue tones

earth tones

 white tonesrainbow tones

 burgundy tones

  Mix and Match as you like!   

Payment Options

We are a small business and so request payment in full at the time of your order. If you are ordering with a Purchase Order, we can make special arrangements so that you can get your order quickly.

We do accept electronic money orders and VISA and Mastercard over the phone. You can also order online at the website using Paypal.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery, depending on the speed of the postal services. Orders in Canada are send via Expresspost. Those groups who are in the GTA and Niagara area are welcome to pick their order up.

A Special Time Limited Offer!

 Larger quantity details are listed below, but if you'd like to sample the Transformation Cross, we are offering 10 crosses, in your choice of colors, for only $50 (half the retail price)!

Choice of Brown, White, Rainbow, burgundy or Madonna Blue.

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 Bulk order of 25
Transformation Crosses @$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea

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  Bulk order of 50
Transformation Crosses @$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea


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Bulk order of 100
Transformation Crosses
@$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea

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Bulk order of 200

($4 per piece
With  Cords $4.35 ea


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Purchase one cross at the regular price of $10:
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